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Facts About Funeral Planning


What is the funeral rule? The funeral rule is enforced by the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission. This rule states that you only have to pay for the goods and services you want or need, the only services paid for are the ones you selected. Whether arrangements are made before or after death. 

Can I ask for pricing information from the funeral home over the phone? Yes, you can! Funeral directors are required  to give you the pricing information over the phone if you ask. You do not have to give out your name, address, or telephone number to receive this information. If you're asked, this information does not have to be disclosed before receiving the pricing information.

Are funeral homes required to give me a pricing list? Yes, they are! Funeral homes must give you a (GPL) General Pricing List that is yours to keep. The GPL must list all of their items and services they offer and the costs of the products and services. 

Can I make my final arrangements without being embalmed? It depends. No state law requires routine embalming. Dependent upon your specific situation you could technically make arrangements without being embalmed. However, some states do require embalming or refrigeration if the body is not buried or cremated within a certain amount of time. Some funeral homes require embalming if the body is going to be publically viewed. But this is not required by law in most states. 














For more information, you can go to the Federal Trade Commission site

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