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What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole Life Insurance can also be thought of as permanent life insurance. This type of policy helps prepare your loved ones with permanent protection. You will always have the coverage as long as the premiums are paid. Whole life insurance also generates cash value that can be used by you at any time when you need some extra cash. Life insurance needs are unique to families and those needs can change throughout your lifetime. For example, if you have a new baby, or buy a new home. With Whole Life Insurance you can plan ahead for the future. Discover the permanent benefits of whole life.




Features of a Whole Life Policy
Provides Income tax-free death benefit
Rates are locked in for life
Coverage never decreases
Whole Life Insurance is lifetime coverage ( as long as premiums are paid) where the rates never increase and your coverage never changes.
The policies allow you to borrow and use the insurance as collateral for a loan (this can reduce the death benefit) to help with situations that may arise down the road. 
Some plans have guaranteed cash value and may also pay dividends which can accumulate with guaranteed interest. 
You have many options for additional coverage with a Whole life policy through Riders that can be added for an additional fee to most plans.
Coverage for children or grand-children.
Waiver of Premium in case you ever get hurt and can't work.
Accidental death benefit can be purchased in case of accidental death.
Disability Income
Family Health Rider for health expenses that may occur as a result of certain natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.
The coverage amount is limitless and can help with estate planning or individual needs.
Coverage amount, premium costs, and product availability will vary depending on the state the policy is being written in.
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